What does the incident involving the priestess of Agbala reflect about the values of the culture in "Things Fall Apart"?

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goreadabook eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This situation illuminates the value the Ibo culture places on spirituality.  They do not question the Gods, they comply with their requests and build their lives and beliefs around these dieties.  The fact that Ekwefi stays so far behind Chielo and her daughter shows us that she acknowledges the importance of obeying the Oracle; however, her love and need to protect her daughter are so strong that she is willing to stretch the rules a bit in order to protect her.  This scene also illustrates the value that the Ibo culture places on family.  Even Okonkwo becomes worried about his wife and daughter and eventually follows them to the caves to make sure they are safe.  We see the dynamics between the Gods and the Ibo people in this scene and how they affect the lifestyle of this culture.

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