In chapter 11 of Bud, Not Buddy, is there an example of an illusion?

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I am not sure whether you mean “illusion” or “allusion,” so I would like to address both ideas. Yes, there are examples of both illusion and allusion in chapter 11 of Bud, Not Buddy. Let us talk about each term and then discuss how they are used here.

An illusion is simply a false impression formed by a character. Bud definitely has the illusion that he can drive a car in chapter 11. In an attempt to escape, Bud gets behind the wheel of Lefty Lewis’ vehicle and tries to drive. Due to his inability to shift and reach the petals properly, Bud does not get very far.

An allusion is an indirect reference to another literary subject. Bud makes an allusion to the vampire myth in this chapter when he wonders if Lefty Lewis is a vampire and says, “I know a vampire when I see one.” Bud’s mind runs wild when he sees the containers of blood in the backseat of Mr. Lewis’ car. At this point, Bud thinks that the vampire idea is the only explanation. (Of course, we soon find out that Mr. Lewis drives important items back and forth between hospitals. This blood is to be used for a transfusion.) Lefty Lewis laughs to himself after he hears Bud’s idea. In order to give Bud evidence that he, Lefty, is not a vampire, Lefty asks Bud if he has ever seen a vampire drive a car. Because Bud has not seen a vampire drive a car, Bud considers this sufficient evidence and feels safe with Lefty Lewis again.

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