In Chapter 10, why does the Director say the Bloomsbury Centre is in the "full buzz of work?"I don't understand why the Director uses this metaphor.

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klaroche eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with the answer provided regarding the metaphor of a bee hive.  You also asked if there was a good discussion topic from this chapter.  Chapter 10 is when Linda and John are revealed to the people of this society.  As the Director is trying to publicly shame Bernard he turns the tables and presents Linda and her son to shame him.  A good question for this chapter is: In what ways is Bernard a threat to the stability of this society?  Also, can one person bring about the fall of any society?  To say that one person alone can do this is to give that person quite a bit of power.  Does Bernard have that power?

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This line is found right at the beginning of Chapter 10.  What is going on here is that the author is trying to compare the Centre to a bee hive.  I believe that he is doing this to emphasize that the people in this society are not really people -- they are just mindless automatons like bees are.

In a bee hive, every bee has its designated job and they simply go about doing that job without having to think.  In this society, the people are just like that.  Almost all of them just go along doing their work because they have been conditioned (and physically engineered) to behave that way.

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