CHAPTER 10: What is Ralph frightened of in Lord of the Flies? Why?Thanks!

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Following the death of Simon, Piggy and Ralph meet on the beach the following morning. They discuss the events of the night before, and Ralph claims that Simon's death "was murder." Piggy disagrees and tries to stop Ralph from discussing the subject. When Piggy says that they were all scared the night before, because of the rain and lightning and "that bloody dance," he asserts that there was nothing they could have done, and that it was "an accident." Ralph disagrees.

"I wasn't scared... I was--I don't know what I was."

However, he admits to Piggy that he is fearful now.

"I'm frightened. Of us..."

No longer fearful of the beast, it is the boys--and even of himself--that Ralph now fears most.

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