In chapter 10 of  I'm the King of the Castle, what are Mrs.Kingshaw's emotions?

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Mrs Kingshaw believes Hooper when he says that Kingshaw attempted to push him in the water. She is keen to show equanimity in her treatment of both boys. Mrs Kingshaw is so desparate for the arrangement with Mr Hooper to work that she avoids listening to her son as she believes the union is for the best. She is shocked at the intensity and violence of Kingshaw's reaction to the accusation.

When she talks to Kingshaw later, Mrs Kingshaw asks her son to modify his behavior out of respect for Mr Hooper who has been so kind to them. She hints that there will be some news revealed the next day. Kingshaw realises that his mother is going to marry Mr Hooper, and can only see that he will be forwever trapped with his cruel adversary.


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