In chapter 10 how are Winston and Julia captured?

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In the novel "1984" by George Orwell, the main characters are Winston and Julia.  They become lovers in spite of the rules and the government control.  They meet in different locations but their favorite spot is a room that George rented above Charrington's shop.  The mattress is full of bugs and the room has rats but the two lovers feel safe there and pretend that they are free of the Government's control.  One evening after making love they have fallen asleep and when they awake they begin to talk.  The picture on the wall has mocking sounds coming from it and they discover that there is a "tele-screen" behind the picture of St. Clement’s Lane.  Police break in to the apartment and arrest Winston and Julia.  As they are taken out Winston realizes that he has been betrayed by Charrington.

"Soldiers intrude and one smashes the paperweight. Someone kicks Winston as he sees Julia double over in pain when she is punched. Flinging her over his shoulder, a soldier takes her from the room."

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In Part 2, Chapter 10, Winston and Julia are at their hideout ath Charrington's shop.  They have recently gone to O'Brien's apartment.  O'Brien invited them to come and get a new Newspeak dictionary.  While there, he pretended to be a member of the resistance.

In Chapter 10, Winston and Julia have been sleeping so they are still in bed.  They don't know there is a telescreen in the room (it's behind a picture) but all of a sudden it starts joining their conversation, making fun of them.  A soldier bursts through the window, some more of them through the door.  They arrest Winston and Julia.