Hatchet Questions and Answers
by Gary Paulsen

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In chapter 10 of Hatchet, why was Brian unable to cook food?

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In chapter ten, Brian sees the tracks of the turtle and follows them to find the eggs. This is a big step up from his previously limited food supply that consisted entirely of the "gut cherries" and the raspberries he'd found. But he realizes that even though he has this lovely new source of food, he has no way to cook it because he doesn't have a container to put them in over the fire.

Once he realizes he has no way of cooking the eggs, he thinks of his uncle who used to eat the occasional raw egg; it hadn't killed his uncle, so Brian decides that perhaps he can do the same. He sharpens a stick, pokes a hole in one end of the egg, and then sucks it down.

Despite a rather violent reaction to the first one and a less than pleasing taste, he sucks down several more before deciding to save the rest for later.

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