In Chapters 10-13 of The Hunger Games, what characteristics and skills help Katniss to survive?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The skills and characteristics that help ensure the survival of Katniss in this section are as follows. Firstly, it is her inability to control her emotions that allows the shock of Peeta declaring his love for her to win the hearts of the Capitol. Her very ingenuity about this is key in this sense. Secondly, the speed in which she is able to run and the ease with which she can climb trees is vital to ensure her safety as the games begin. Thirdly, her ability to set snares is something that guarantees her food. Finally in this section, the knowledge that her mother taught her about looking after burns is something that she is able to use to treat her own burns after she runs away from the fire that threatens to envelop her. This is of course coupled with her knowledge of the games and the way in which she remembers that traps in the arena are often only rigged for specific areas.

Above all, however, what ensures the survival of Katniss more than anything else is her brute determination to survive and the way in which she is so insistent that she will make it through. Remember her promise to Prim about how she would do her best. These chapters present us with a Katniss who is determined to do the best she can to keep that promise.