In Chapter 1 of The Outsiders, what was it that Ponyboy didn't believe about Darry?  

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In Chapter 1, Ponyboy describes his oldest brother Darry as being a strict person who rarely smiles. Unlike Sodapop, Darry doesn't listen to Pony and treats him like he is six years old. Ponyboy mentions that Darry grew up too fast and says that he isn't really sorry for anything he does. However, Ponyboy is naive at the beginning of the novel, and he doesn't believe that Darry loves him. Pony feels like he is simply another mouth to feed. Pony does not realize that Darry is trying his best to take care of him but is inexperienced when it comes to child rearing. Darry is under a lot of pressure to provide for his brothers and doesn't take into consideration Pony's feelings. After Pony returns from hiding out at Windrixville, he realizes Darry loves him when he sees Darry at the hospital.

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