In chapter 1 of "Lord of the Flies", what uses do the boys make of the platform that has been formed from fallen trees? What might it symbolize?

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The platform, which was made of pink granite covered with a thin layer of soil and trees that, unable to grow large in the thin soil, fell down, is used initially as a meeting place.  The fallen trees made good benches for the boys to sit on.  When Piggy finds the conch and Ralph blows through it, the boys gather for the first time since the wreck.  Ralph is standing on the platform during this first gathering.  Since this place sits up off the beach, it is a good place for the boys to gather.  It comes to represent their efforts, in the beginning, at order and civilization.  As order disintegrates on the island, it loses its importance and is replaced by castle rock which is much more imposing with its height and sheer rock walls.  Just like the kinder and gentler society is replaced by a hard and imposing dictator.

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