In Chapter 1 of "Night", cite examples of how the Jewish citizens of Sighet began to lose their rights.

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In Chapter One of Night, twelve-year-old Eliezer lives in Sighet, an area annexed to Hungary which now exists as part of Romania. The government of Hungary falls under Fascist rule, which leads to the German occupation of the country, including Sighet.

The Jews living in the town are subjected to horrible treatment at the hands of these forces. They are forced to don yellow stars to identify themselves, they are robbed, and the leaders of their faith and community are hauled off to prison. These measures grow increasingly strict, with all Jews being forced to migrate into fenced-in areas known as ghettos. This eventually leads to their deportation via cattle cars to the concentration camp Auschwitz. Unfortunately for the people of Sighet, this is only the beginning of the atrocities they will face.

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The Jewish citizens began to lose theirrights in Sighet slowly and almost without notice.  First the foreign Jews were removed from the town.  Some people were shocked while others simply asked, "What did you expect?  We are at war." 

One of the next things that happened was that the German's invaded Sighet.  They came in quietly and respectfully at first but then during Passover the Jewish leaders were arrested and the new rules began.  They couldn't leave their homes for three days or they would be killed. 

The next thing that happened is that the soldiers took all of the gold, silver, and made it a law that Jews couldn't own anything of value.  The next thing that happened was that all Jews had to wear the band with the yellow star on their arms.  The next right that was take away was the freedom to go out to eat, go to church, or travel. 

One of the final examples is when the Germans made all of the Jews leave their homes and go to the ghettos.  This was the last step before they were finally sent to concentration camps.

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