In Chapter 2 of The Outsiders, what did Cherry mean when she said "Things are rough all over"?  

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In Chapter 2 of The Outsiders, a novel written by S.E. Hinton, Cherry Valance discusses her social group, the Socs, with Ponyboy Curtis after meeting him at The Dingo, a drive-in movie theater.  Cherry is shocked when Johnny Cade, a Greaser, tells his story of being attacked by a "blue Mustang full" of Socs.  When Johnny is done telling his story, Cherry is insistent that Ponyboy realize that not all Socs are like those who beat Johnny.

When Ponyboy does not seem to believe that some Socs are better that Johnny's attackers, Cherry is saddened.

..."I'll bet you think the Socs have it made.  The rich kids, the West-side Socs.  I'll tell you something, Ponyboy, and it may come as a surprise.  We have troubles you've never even heard of.  You want to know something?...Things are rough all over."

Cherry wants Ponyboy to understand that everyone has problems, and that even though the Socs do not have to worry about financial matters and are give whatever material possessions they want, they do not all have easy lives.  In Chapter 7 of the novel, Randy explains how hard life can be as a Soc.

ik9744 | Student

She means things are not just hard for you but for everyone.

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