In Chaper 7 of Great Expectations, what news do Uncle Pumblechook and Mrs. Joe bring home to Pip?

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Chapter Seven is of course the chapter where we see the rather fateful association of Pip and Miss Havisham beginning, as Mrs. Joe and Uncle Pumblechook return to Pip's house telling him the "good news" that Miss Havisham has asked for a boy to go to her house and play. Miss Havisham had asked Uncle Pumblechook if he knew of a suitable boy, and Uncle Pumblechook, always eager to please Mrs. Joe, had suggested Pip. Note how Mrs. Joe breaks the news to her younger brother:

"She wants this boy to go and play there. And of course he's going. And he had better play there," said my sister, shaking her head at me as an encouragement to be extremely light and sportive, "or I'll work him."

Thus it is that the fates of Pip and Miss Havisham, and, of course, Estella, become intertwined, though of course Mrs. Joe has only high hopes that this association might lead Miss Havisham to bestow some of her riches upon Pip, and by extension, herself.

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