Give a Chapter 6 summary for All-Consuming Century.

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mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter Six is titled "Markets Triumphant" and author Gary Cross makes the case that Ronald Regan helped consumerism triumph. The decades that preceded the 1980 election of Reagan saw a progressive challenge to unfettered advertising and attempts were made to regulate the environment. According to Cross, the conservative approach of hands-off, small government intervention on big business tore down any barriers that may have prevented the market from permeating every corner of American society. Reagan made consumerism seem patriotic and restraint un-American.

The Reagan Administration's philosophy that permitted businesses and people to make their own decisions, while trusting them to be responsible, changed the dynamics of consumerism. The most significant impact this laissez-faire approach had was the targeting of children for marketing and consumption. Another criticism of unfettered consumerism is that it has a harsh effect on the environment. By the close of the Twentieth Century, the idea that some times and places were sacred and should not be subjected to marketing seemed very old fashioned.