What changes can be seen in The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini?  What is the justification for those changes?

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Several characters experience tragic events that, if not justify, at least explain their decisions and actions throughout the novel. After Amir witnesses Hassan getting raped by Assef, he acts distant towards Hassan. Amir's distance is explained by the fact that he feels extremely guilty for not intervening and preventing Assef from raping Hassan. When Hassan tells Ali about what happened and Amir attempts to frame Hassan for stealing his gifts, Ali tells Baba that they are leaving their home. Ali's decision to leave Baba's home is justified because he understands that their life and relationships will never be the same.

When Assef is fighting Amir one on one, Amir is suffering and is about to die when Sohrab saves his life. Sohrab disobeys Assef and uses his slingshot to shoot his eye out. Sohrab's actions were justified in order to save Amir's life. Assef would have killed Amir if it had not been for Sohrab's interference. As a result of risking his life to save Sohrab from Assef, Amir becomes very close to Sohrab. 

Later on in the novel, Amir rescues Sohrab and tells Sohrab that he will need to go back to an orphanage because the immigration lawyer says immediate adoption will be difficult. Sohrab then attempts to commit suicide by slitting his wrist in the bathtub. Sohrab's attempted suicide is an attempt to escape from further traumatic experiences. Sohrab has suffered an unimaginable amount of trauma and abuse which is why he wants to avoid future pain.

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