Change is difficult for everyone because it is often seen as threatening. Give specific reasons why the ability to change and willingness to be flexible are important to modern management.

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The ability to change and the willingness to be flexible are important in modern management because of how rapidly the business world can change today due to increased globalization and competition.  A manager who cannot change and be flexible will not be an effective manager.

In today’s world, there is so much more competition than ever before.  In today’s business world, a firm in one part of the world can have its market completely changed by an innovation by a firm half a world away.  In that sort of an environment, it is clear that the ability to change and be flexible is necessary for a manager. 

Flexibility is also important because of the more diverse and globalized world in which we live.  With globalization, a manager might have to work with people from a number of different countries.  This requires the manager to be flexible in order to accommodate the different cultural sensibilities and assumptions of all the people with whom the manager works.

Thus, globalization and competition make flexibility and the willingness to change more important today than they were in the past.

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