In "Chanclas" from The House on Mango Street, how does Esperanza react to dancing with her uncle?

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the beginning of "Chanclas," Esperanza is embarrassed to dance with her Uncle Nacho because she is wearing her old saddle shoes from school.  Her mother has remembered to buy her a new dress and other accessories, but she forgot the shoes.  As a result, Esperanza feels like she stands out and does not want everyone looking at her in her old shoes.  Throughout the novel, Esperanza becomes increasingly aware of her family's financial situation, and this may be another situation in which she feels embarrassed because her family has little money.  However, when her Uncle Nacho gets her on the dance floor, she begins to relax and gets into the rhythm of the music.  She sees that her Uncle Nacho is happy to dance with her, and her mother looks proud of her.  Plus a guy watches her dance, so she feels attractive.  So, Esperanza's feelings about dancing shift in this vignette.

leli | Student

At first she feels embarrassed because she was wearing old shoes but at the end she reacts proud of her because she atracted the attention of a boy.


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