In Chapter 9 of The Egypt Game, how is April's relationship to her grandmother improving?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the beginning of the book, April, unhappy at being sent away by her glamorous mother to live with "a grandmother she hardly (knows)", keeps a chilly distance between herself and her grandmother, whom she insists on calling "Caroline". She knows "she ought to feel grateful" for all Caroline is doing for her, but "what she really (feels) is angry" (Chapter 2).

In Chapter 9, April, smiling at Caroline, proudly announces to her friends that Caroline helped her with her face and hair. Melanie notes that this is "the first time she has ever seen April smile at her grandmother", and that, with her hair cut short, she will be unable to maintain the affectation of wearing her hair in a sophisticated upsweep. These are happy indications that April is not so angry anymore, that her relationship with her grandmother is improving, and that she is becoming a normal young girl free of the pretensions of a more glamorous - and artificial - life.