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What Does Ralph Ask Jack

In Chapter 7 of Lord of the Flies, what does Ralph ask Jack?

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In Chapter 7, the boys are exploring the island in an attempt to find the beast. Before they are about to climb the mountain, Ralph suggests that someone return to the base camp to inform Piggy where the group is located. Fortunately, Simon volunteers to travel through the forest alone to give the message to Piggy. After Simon leaves, Jack becomes furious as Ralph begins to ask him questions regarding the pig-run. Jack's responses are short, and Ralph can sense the rising antagonism. Ralph then mentions that he is...

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royalxqueen | Student

After fighting over leadership and having Jack make fun of him the way he makes fun of Piggy, Ralph finally asks Jack, "Why do you hate me?" Jack doesn't answer and Ralph turns away. Ralph is showing his inexperience at leadership. He has been able to observe Jack for sometime now and should already know that Jack hates him because Ralph is the major impediment to Jack being able to take total control of the boys. By asking the question, Ralph puts Jack on the alert that he knows he is in conflict with Jack. Jack will no longer have to hide his animosity and can attack Ralph's leadership directly.

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