In ch. 11 of Lord of the Flies, why does Jack force Samneric to join his tribe?

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Jack forces Samneric to join his tribe to assert his dominance over Ralph.  With Piggy gone, Samneric were the only remaining loyal tribe members to Ralph.  Jack and Roger pressure Samneric to join the tribe through the threat of violence.  The twins fear the repercussions if they do not cooperate with Jack and the hunters. Even when Ralph pleads:

"'Won't you come with me? Three of us--we'd stand a chance.'

After a moment's silence, Sam spoke in a strangled voice.

'You don't know Roger. He's a terror.'

'And the chief--they're both--'

'--terrors--'" (189).

Jack does not want Samneric for any strategic reason or any sort of ability they offer the hunters; rather Jack uses them to send a message to Ralph--that he is now all alone.  Jack refuses to allow Ralph any chance of reclaiming his former status as chief.  Ultimately, Jack's mandate that Samneric join the tribe is a power play by Jack; it is his way of crushing Ralph and securing his position as leader over all the boys on the island.


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