The CEO Of McDonald's Don Johnson, was paid 13.8 million in 2012. How many $3.50 burgers could Mr. Johnson purchase with his yearly pay? Assuming that one eats a burger for every meal and that one eats three meals everyday, how long would it take to eat that many burgers? 2.based on his yearly salary how much money does CEO Johnson earn every second?

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To determine how many burgers Mr. Johnson can purchase with his yearly pay, divide the yearly pay of $13,800,000 by the cost of each burger:

`($13,800,000)/(($3.5)/(b))=3,942,857` burgers

Thus he can purchase 3,942,857 burgers.

If one eats 3 burgers/day, the number of days that it would take to eat `3,942,857` burgers can be determined by dividing:

`(3,942,857)/3=1,314,285.67` days

Round to the nearest unit and divide 1,314,286 days by 365 days/year to determine how many years it would take.

`(1,314,285.67)/365=3601` years

Thus it would take someone 3600 years to eat `1,314,285.67`burgers. Nobody could live that long to eat so many burgers in a lifetime!

The number of seconds in a year can be calculated as follows:


Compute earnings per second by dividing total earnings per year by number of seconds in a year.


Therefore the amount he earns per second is 44 cents, which is equal to $1575/hour.

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