The woman from sarajevo THEMESwhat are the themes and symbols in the book?

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I know nothing about this book but decided to do a little research, which I hope will be helpful to you. Among the themes that have been perceived in this book are the following: "personal parsimony and meanness"; "human isolation"; "insecurity and miserliness"; and self-destructive behavior. I found these themes quickly by searcing for "Ivo Andrić Woman from Sarajevo themes" in google books, where you should easily be able to retrace my steps to find precise citations. When you are looking for quick discussions of themes in important novels, consulting reference works is a good idea, since they tend to mention themes far more often than they discuss style or artistry.

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Andrić approaches theme from a psychological level because his objective was focused on character development. The primary theme is greed, or avarice. According to critics, in all the avarice characters and literature, for example Shylock in Merchant of Venice, Rajka is the only female character representing greed. Subthemes are generally thin but include the relationship between Rajka and her father along with social life in Sarajevo and Belgrade after World War I.