Please give reasons why cell phones should and shouldn't be used in school.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many pages on the Internet where points of view on this debate are given.   I have attached a link to one of them below.  I suggest you look at other sites on this topic as well.

The major argument against the use of cell phones at school is that phones are bad for education.  One way that they are bad is because students will often want to play with their phones instead of doing their work.  The phones are more interesting, so students (particularly those who most need to do their work) will prefer to play with them. A second reason that they are bad is because students can use them to cheat.  A student might use an app that will do math problems for them. They might take pictures of a test and send them to a friend.  There are many other ways to use phones for bad purposes.

The major argument for the use of cell phones in school is that they can help students learn.  If a student has a phone, they can look up practically any piece of information at any time.  This allows them to learn more because they can look things up as soon as they think of them instead of having to wait until they are able to have access to a computer.

These are the biggest arguments for each side. I suggest that you look at the link below and at other websites for even more arguments.

morrowl16 | Student

Use of cell phones in school is a widely debated topic; however, it is a debate that is unlikely to be resolved in the near future due to conflicting views on how useful cell phones actually are to education. 

On one hand, cell phones can be useful in the school setting because they provide students with unlimited access to information. Now more than ever, students can use their cell phones to take responsibility for their own learning in many different ways, from researching unknown topics to defining challenging vocabulary words. 

On the other hand, a major reason that cell phones should not be used during school hours is that they provide distractions to students. Due to the seamless nature of the internet, students can easily end up on a website or app that is counterproductive to their learning. Furthermore, cell phones make it easier for students to fall into academic dishonesty in the form of copying answers from the internet, or sending answers to another student. Another big problem with cell phone use in schools is that students seem to be consuming information more then they are creating it. This infographic shows some very interesting statistics on how much/often students are passively using their phones. Since many students learn better when they are actively interacting with information, it seems problematic for education that students are spending most of their time consuming information.