Cell Phones and SchoolsIn your opinion, should students be allowed to have cell phones in elementary and high schools? Why? Try to take ONE side of the agruement and elaborate.

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Unfortunately, I think there can be arguments made for allowing use of cellphones in specific circumstances. Realistically speaking, our students are going to use the calculator on their cellphone to do any math that their adult life requires, so why shouldn't we teach them with the tool they will be using? As more and more phones have internet access capabilities, should schools be teaching students how to evaluate internet sources for reliability and validity of information? Taking pictures with cellphones could serve to illustrate reports on field trip activities, document experiment outcomes, and serve many other very valid educational purposes.

The challenge is getting students to use the phones responsibly and appropriately, which means phones are not being used during lectures, to bully, to take pictures in the locker room, and so on. It may be that the only alternative is to completely ban them, but it is too bad if that's the case.

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Cellphones can be both a temptation and a distraction.  It is easy to cheat in many ways on a cellphone.  It can be very tempting to text or play games when we should be paying attention.  Cellphones are often a great distraction for students.  I see no reason why an elementary student would even need a cellphone at school.  A high school student is a little different.  There aren't many payphones or other points of contacting a parent now days.  I can understand why an older student might need a way to call for a ride as afterschool events change (such as a canceled practice).  I can also understand a parent wanting their teenager to have a phone in the car.  Accidents are common and unfortunately frequent with this age group.  Having a phone in the car can be an important safety issue.  

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I heartily agree with bullgatortail on this one. Cell phones are quite a nuisance in high schools, as students cannot restrain themselves. They seem willing to risk consequences for the sake of texting, etc. Some students even risk severe consequences when they refuse to surrender the phone to teachers. Younger students don't need phones, as any contact with home can be made by the teacher.

Sadly, the chief offenders in calling/texting kids during class are parents themselves. They don't seem to appreciate the gravity of an interruption of this nature. If cell phones were prohibited, or better yet jammed, many problems at schools could be resolved.


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It's really difficult to select an age when cellphones begin to be appropriate. This line seems to be drawn family by family. In my opinion, high school students should be allowed to have cellphones at school, but should not use them during class time. 

The difficulty in deciding where the age-line is on cellphones makes me think that elementary school students should also be allowed to have cellphones. 

The best case scenario in my opinion would be a situation where the school could block cell signals on school grounds. In that way students would be able to use phones for ride arrangement and everythign else before and after the school day. 

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I don't believe elementary school students should be allowed to carry cell phones to school since they are not mature enough to maintain them properly, nor do children so young need them at school. If a situation arises where a parent needs to be contacted, school officials can make the call themselves. High school students should be allowed to carry cells, but they should never be allowed to be turned on or used during class time. This, of course, is the primary problem with allowing phones at school, and most teens are not capable of restraining themselves (or following school rules) when it comes to talking or using cell phones.

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I agree with larrygates, parents are part of the problem on this one. My school has a no cell-use policy, and more than half of the calls and texts that students get in trouble over are communication with a parent. I recently caught a student in my class responding to a text from his father - who is on the school board!

One thing to consider is the matter of scale. While the parent of the student in my class probably didn't think that sending his son one text was a big issue, the class has 24 students in it. If everybody gets one text or one call, that's a lot of distraction.

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They should not have them turned on or in use during school hours.  I would think about making an exception at lunch time in high schools and maybe middle schools, as long as it would be practical.  My reason is that there are too many things that cell phones can be used for that are not beneficial to schools.  They can be used for cheating or for texting your friends while you're supposed to be paying attention to the teacher.  They can be used to take pictures of people who don't want their pictures taken.  There is really no good use for cell phones during school hours.

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In high schools, yes, but I'm not persuaded that elementary students need them. High school students often have jobs and responsibilities that, in our modern world, necessitate being able to communicate with other people. They can be restricted, and absolutely should not be used in class, or maybe even during school hours. But we are in a new age where they are part of our everyday life, and it seems extreme to keep students from bringing them to class altogether.

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I think cell phones in elementary schools are ok, as long as students don't turn them on. A younger student is probably less likely to play with the phone surreptitiously. Often parents feel better if they know where their child is, and that the child is safe, so they want the child to have a phone at all times.

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cell phones and schools. not at all related. but todays generation have made it an integral part of their llives. i personally dont favour it as it just a distraction. students who give their point of views that they want it are all bizarre/ as its not a fashhion statement . today student say its not your time . but its an incorrect statement because we all were student too. we all were not slave of this machine. school life is golden period where students can do anything i mean learn new things activity games hobby. but they wan t cellphones and restrict their lives to a compact. well i am not against students but yaa against thinking which is taking us away fro our close loved ones. when i go to school i use to miss my friends on summer holidays teachers etc and look forward to meet them. but nowdays thanks to sms . nobody feel the emotions.but yes. after school or may be in jobs ithas become imp for different reasons. like girls as they work late nights family wworried, so helps them  boys too. as they are already getting so much freedom  he he i mean they are brought up as aman who has to take care of familys.


but school students dont spoil your life by doing everything as wrong ag example if you have to give boards at kg class and learn abc at 10 class how would you feel.


think and then take decisions. you say you grwn up so behave now/

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cell phones in schools shall cause nothin but problems. The main idea of having a moblie is for important communication, and nowadys schools do provide with facilities to call home. And jst like we have a standard uniform to avoid status issues, so is it with this fact. It is possible a student might have a BlackBerry Bold and another, just another old Nokia model. And this could lead to status issues within friends.
Also, bad things could happen (u no wht i mean).
So yeea, try living just 6 hrs widout ur moblie and enjoy the beauy of a a beatiful experience named Peace!!