Cell Cycle What part of a cell is divided during mitosis?  __________What part of a cell is divided during cytokinesis? ____________The name of the cell cycle phase in which replication occurs: _____________Which phases of the cell cycle are included in Interphase?

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During mitosis, the part of a cell that is divided is the chromosomes in the nucleus. These will be equally divided between two new daughter cells at the conclusion of mitosis. During cytokinesis, the cell's cytoplasm is divided between the two daughter cells. In plant cells, this is accomplished by the formation of a cell plate. In animal cells, the cell membrane pinches into two daughter cells, thus dividing the cytoplasm. Interphase, or the resting phase can be divided into G1, S, and G2. In G1 and G2, the cells experience a period of growth. During S, that is the stage where the chromosomes are replicated.

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