____ celebrated the advancements in industry and technology. Some examples are the London Great Exhibition in 1851 and the 1889 Universal Exposition in Paris.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Later to be known as the World's Fair (also World Fair; Universal Exposition; and Expo, short for "exposition"), these large public exhibitions have been held throughout the world since the initial one was held in 1851 at The Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London. The brainchild of Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, the first world expo--"The Great Exhibition"--prominently featured newly developed forms of art and design. In more recent World's Fairs, the most popular attractions have been the individual national pavillions created by the individual countries. Exhibits featuring modern ideas in architecture, trade, manufacturing and tourism have been added since the original London expo.


cadetteacher | Student

I think the term you're looking for is Modern Architecture (now termed International Style), which really started with the newfound ability to use technology's  to make iron and glass (I.E. London's  Crystal Palace) appear delicate. Opened by Queen Victoria--and certainly a symbol of the Victorian age, it boasted over 6million visitors and, at the time, was the largest trade show the world had seen.  The London Exhibition is now seen as the grand symbol of the Victorian age.

The Eiffel Tower, however, met with considerable outrage when its similar skeletal structure was left bare and exposed.  Although the tower had several purposes (monument, commemoration) its true purpose was to act as an entrance tower for the Universal Exposition.  

Since I'm not sure if you're referring to art or architecture, please give me some additional context if this answer doesn't totally satisfy the requirement.