A CCD (charged coupled device) has a greatest possible pixel value of 4095.  What is the bit level of this CCD?

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Bit level for a CCD (Charged coupled device) with a greatest possible pixel value of 4095:

The relationship between the bit level and pixel value is given as:

pixel value = 2^bit level.

Most charged coupled devices (CCDs) have 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit levels.

Using simple mathematics, we can see that 2^12 = 4096.

Since the maximum number of pixels is 4095, the bit level is 12., i.e. the CCD has 12-bit level.

Another way to solve this problem is by representing bit level by 'b',

then 4095 = 2^b.

Taking logarithm of both sides, log (4095) = b log (2)    [using the standard logarithmic identity of log x^y = y log x).

or b= log (4095)/ log (2) = 3.61225/0.30103 = 11.9996 or 12-bit as already calculated.

hope this helps.

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