In The Cay, what does Phillip find while looking for the fishing poles?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Following Timothy's death in Theodore Taylor's The Cay, Phillip is left all alone. He manages to find a solitary coconut among the debris on the beach, but he also realizes he must provide food for himself and Stew-Cat. Then he remembers about the fishing poles that Timothy had tried to protect against the storm. Although Timothy had told Phillip that the poles were in a "safe place," Timothy had forgotten to tell Phillip where they were. While stumbling around the beach in his search and running his hands over tree trunks,

... I touched rope. I followed it around to the lee side with my fingers. And there they were!

Timothy had not left only a few poles, but

... at least a dozen, lashed together with a barbed hook and bolt sinker. They were one more part of the legacy Timothy had left me.