In The Cay what does Timothy tell Philip not to do?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am not entirely sure which part of the novel you are referring to. However, having just briefly scanned through it, the only reference to a command that Timothy gave Philip comes in Chapter Six, when Philip is so overwhelemed by the news of the island that Timothy can see that he falls into the water which is filled with sharks, hungry for a meal. When Timothy leaps into the water to save Philip and then hauls him back onto the raft, he then says to Philip:

"Damn fool mahn! I tol' you 'bout d'shark!"

Timothy's anger is evident as he tells Philip only to crawl on the raft and not to stand up. However, you might like to think about the character of Timothy and his gentleness and kindness as he works with Philip to get him accustomed to life on an island and all the tasks that he needs to learn how to do. It is remarkable that he does not need to rule by commands and orders, but rather by gentle persuasion.

goginzu | Student
Also, after Timothy dies and Phillip is tired of eating fish, it is brought up that Timothy told Phillip to not try to dive for Langosta in the pool of water Phillip used for fishing.