In The Cay by Theodore Taylor, how did Philip's return affect his family?

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In The Cay by Theodore Taylor, young Philip is finally rescued when an American destroyer spots smoke from the island. The crew takes Philip to a naval station in Panama, and there he is reunited with his parents. Of course they are overjoyed to have their son back because they thought he had died at sea. Philip's mother keeps apologizing to him as she feels she is at fault. Philip is more man than boy at this point due to his experiences on the cay with Timothy. Though Philip tries to tell his parents about those experiences, he doesn't feel that they really understand what he went through. Philip sees that his mother has changed a lot and no longer wants to leave Curacao like she had at the beginning of the book. Not only has Philip's relationship with his parents changed, it has also changed with his friends back home. Henrik seems like a child to him now, and Philip prefers spending time with the black people on the bay and in the market because they remind him of Timothy, and many of them had been Timothy's friends. 

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