In Chapter 7 of The Cay, how does Phillip feel at the end? 

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Timothy and Phillip reach land at the beginning of Chapter 7 and, although Phillip had not been in favor of leaving the boat,

... I was almost glad that we wouldn't have to spend another night on the hard, wet boards of the raft.  (Chapter 7)

While Timothy assures Phillip that " 'Tis a beautiful cay," Phillip still feels "discouraged" because the island is uninhabited. He also begins to understand that Timothy may have exaggerated the possibility of being rescued there. Because of its remote nature and treacherous reefs, few ships passed that way. 

I kept feeling that Timothy was holding something back from me.  (Chapter 7)

Left alone while Timothy explored the island, Phillip felt "helpless" and, later he "harshly" ordered Timothy to never leave him again. Now fearing that they may never be rescued, Phillip felt "trapped." Things "sounded bad," but Timothy left him with a bit of hope.

"... we cannot fret 'bout it, can we? We'll make camp an' see what happens."  (Chapter 7


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