In Chapter 7 of The Cay, how does Phillip feel at the end? 

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Timothy and Phillip reach land at the beginning of Chapter 7 and, although Phillip had not been in favor of leaving the boat,

... I was almost glad that we wouldn't have to spend another night on the hard, wet boards of the raft.  (Chapter 7)

While Timothy assures Phillip that " 'Tis a beautiful cay," Phillip still feels "discouraged" because the island is uninhabited. He also begins to understand that Timothy may have exaggerated the possibility of being rescued there. Because of its remote nature and treacherous reefs, few ships passed that way. 

I kept feeling that Timothy was holding something back from me.  (Chapter 7)

Left alone while Timothy explored the island, Phillip felt "helpless" and, later he "harshly" ordered Timothy to never leave him again. Now fearing that they may never be rescued, Phillip felt "trapped." Things "sounded bad," but Timothy left him with a bit of hope.

"... we cannot fret 'bout it, can we? We'll make camp an' see what happens."  (Chapter 7

hannahhunt09 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Theodore Taylor's The Cay is a survival story of a young boy and an old man. In Chapter 7, Phillip and Timothy have reached an island. Phillip's mood is constantly shifting throughout this chapter. At first, he feels relieved to be on land once again, but he worries when Timothy insists on making camp and avoids telling Phillip where he thinks they are. Eventually, he reveals that they are likely in a part of the ocean called "The Devil's Mouth," so named because ships cannot safely navigate through the hidden reefs. This means they have only a small chance of rescue. Timothy suggests that planes will go by and that they could attempt to signal to one. Phillip, always realistic, worries that any planes will just think that they are native fishermen and pass on by. At the very end of the chapter, Phillip is deep in thought as he drinks his half-cup of water, likely wondering how and when they may ever be rescued from the island.