What are the causes and/or consequences of Hulga's  disillusionment in "Good Country People" with that of Young Goodman Brown.

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I believe that you meant to ask about Hulga's disillusionment with Manly Pointer in "Good Country People".

Joy-Hulga is a thirty year old, highly educated woman who still lives at home with her mother given the fact that she is handicapped (she is missing a leg and depends on a prosthetic).  Given that her education is based in philosophy, Hulga is highly critical and negative towards everything. Unfortunately, she drops her guard with Pointer and becomes even more jaded than before her encounter with the young man.

Hulga, typically always on guard against others, drops her guard and becomes interested in Pointer. Unfortunately, he, instead, solidifies her negativity against humanity. Pointer seduces Hulga and, after she drops her guard, proceeds to steal her prosthetic leg. Hulga is left disillusioned and captive (given she cannot escape from the loft). She, after losing her faith in one man, is now, more than ever, guarded against all others.

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