What are six causes and effects from Chapters 1-12 in To Kill a Mockingbird?Example: Cause - Jem And Scout Meet Dill. Effect - Jem Tells Dill About Boo Radley

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  1. CAUSE: Dill bets Jem that he is too afraid to enter the Radley yard.
    EFFECT: Jem accepts the dare and runs up and slaps the side of the Radley house.
  2. CAUSE: The children discover items in the knothole of the Radley oak. 
    EFFECT: They try to determine who is putting them there.
  3. CAUSE: Boo's parents both die. 
    EFFECT: Their son, Nathan, moves from Pensacola to take care of Boo.
  4. CAUSE: A mad dog stalks the street on which Atticus lives.  EFFECT: Atticus is called upon to kill the dog since he was once the best marksman in Maycomb County.
  5. CAUSE: Jem becomes angry and chops down all of Mrs. Dubose's camellias. 
    EFFECT: Atticus requires Jem to read to her for a month as punishment.
  6. CAUSE: Atticus is away from Maycomb on business one Sunday. 
    EFFECT: Calpurnia decides she can't trust Jem and Scout to be sent to their own church alone, so she takes them to her own church in the Quarters.

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