Caucasians are a minority in 15 states. In 30 years, they will be in 50. How will this affect our society?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While I think that the statistics offered might be a bit skewed, I don't think that there is any denying the changing demographic face of America.  I think that the impacts on American society are multi- faceted.  In my mind, one of the first issues that this raises is the stand on immigration and how the nation is going to address the need for comprehensive immigration reform.  Another issue becomes more on the cultural side.  While English is the common language that is shared in the nation, there is going to be a significant debate about making English a national language, and this will only intensify as the demographics change.  On a more theoretical level, I think that the idea of multiculturalism in America will need to be revisited.  From the melting pot idea to the notion of diversity, I sense that the changing demographics will require a more concerted discussion about the idea of how we embrace such diversity in American society through authenticity and a sense of the legitimate.  I think that this is probably just a couple of issues that will be raised as the demographic complexion of America changes in the next half century.