Why is it impossible for Holden to make contact especially in physical/sexual form?

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In my opinion, this is meant to show us that Holden is really alienated from society and from all the people around him.  This seems to be especially true of women.

I would point out, however, that it is only really hard for him to make contact in meaningful ways.  He can make casual contact.  For example, he can touch the one woman from Seattle while they are dancing. But when he has a chance to have sex with the prostitute, he cannot.

I think that Holden is afraid to really be intimate with anyone who is really part of society.  That is why he cannot really connect with anyone except the nuns.  He gets along great with them, probably because they are not part of society.

So I think his problem is that he is too alienated.  He cannot really connect to people who are a part of society because he is so different in his attitudes.

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