In The Catcher in the Rye, in what ways does Holden embody the limbo between childhood and adulthood?

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Holden definitely feels caught between childhood and adulthood because he's practically an adult physically and mentally, but in many ways he is stuck in the past. Holden hasn't fully dealt with his younger brother's death, so he obsesses over that. Plus, he suffers from anxiety and depression about what's happened in the past and what he faces in the future. Becoming an phony adult scares Holden to death, too. He doesn't want to grow up and be fake like the adults he sees around him. Because Holden is in limbo between childhood and adulthood, he gets caught in bad adult situations, asks difficult child-like questions, and has unrealistic ideas about the future.

First, Holden knows how to spend money, catch a cab, and get a hotel room like an adult, but he sure doesn't know how to handle shady people like a pimp and his girl. Holden accepts a guy's offer to send a girl to his room for $5.00. When she gets there, Holden can't go through with it and just ends up wanting to talk. That's...

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