A Cat on a Hot tin roof by Tennessee Williams 

Read this extract, and then answer the question that follows it:

Big Daddy: Oh, God, I can’t talk to you . . .

Big Daddy: I’m suggesting nothing.

  • In what ways do you think Williams makes this such a powerful moment in the play?

Expert Answers

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The play 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof' by Tennessee Williams's is aclassic  drama set in the 1950s plantations of America's Deep South.Suppression, hypocrisy, mendacity or greed and secret passions threaten to wreck a dysfunctional and conflicted family as they fight each other over a dying fathers millions. Some critics believe that it also represents a message about tolerance of various forms of relationships in a world which was trapped by conformity.

There are explosive moments in the play where secrecy and truth and facing up to sublimated compulsions threaten to bubble up to the surface and cause mayhem, and father/son confidentials form some of those. They are carefully placed to cause tension and heighten dramatic effect and audience impact.

Domesticity was seen to be the saviour of low birth rate, yet monogomous heterosexual relationships don't suit everyone, and couples who take a different path can feel penalised and ostracised in a culture where women were leaned on to marry have kids and keep  home while macho heterosexual men were championed as breadwinners. The play shows the repression of this ideology.

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