In "The Cask of Amontillado," how does the narrator's understanding of human nature and character help him accomplish his goal?

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Montresor demonstrates a strong understanding of human nature as he carefully plans and executes his revenge on the unsuspecting Fortunato. Montresor begins by approaching his enemy in the midst of carnival season, where chaos and madness are typical, and presents himself as a benevolent, amicable friend when he sees Fortunato in the street. Montresor knows that Fortunato will be more open to his invitation if he comes across as friendly and helpful. Montresor also demonstrates a strong understanding of human nature by targeting Fortunato's interest, which is the "connoisseurship in wine." After mentioning that he has acquired a pipe of Amontillado, Montresor manipulates Fortunato's pride by suggesting that he was on his way to consult Luchresi regarding its authenticity. Montresor is aware that this remark will offend Fortunato, who is interested in trying the wine in hopes of purchasing a large amount himself. Montresor knows that mentioning Luchresi's name will motivate Fortunato to...

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