Question about efficiency and teamwork in a bakery if you are on job training to study a small business bakery. and you find ineffecient task which is bagging assorted pastry. The tasks do not align with principles of motion economy. For example, the staff do not use both hands simultaneously, and each hand works in opposite directions. In addition, they do not have materials prepositioned for ease of reach. When you suggest highly structured changes to accomodate efficiency, the owner graciously rejects your recommendations. And you were confused by his reaction. Why did the owner reject the recommendations? what elements regarding team motivation were overlooked in the study? what steps would you take if you were studying the bakery?  

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The proposal may have been rejected if it was presented in an informal or not so persuading manner as the owner may have taken it less seriously. The owner might have felt that the recommendations were no more efficient than the strategies already adopted. The inefficiency issue was most likely caused by the lack of team motivation and to improve efficiency in general, a boost in motivation can contribute to an improved speed of work done. If I was personally studying the bakery, I would inspect the owner's initial plan regarding the production line and the workers' performance and whether it matches the expected speed and quality.

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I would be interested in knowing the manner in which the suggestions for changes were presented. If they were not communicated with a great deal of diplomacy and tact, the owner may have gotten the impression that they were being delivered as criticisms, which would not make the owner feel receptive to the ideas.

Who decided that the bakery's procedures needed to be evaluated for "principles of motion efficiency" and why? If the bakery owner and employees don't feel there is any problem, they will react to suggestions for changes with the comment, "If it's not broke, don't fix it!"

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It could be that the owner values the way things have always been done in his bakery.  Maybe his team is used to doing things in this particular way.  Maybe they feel that they are artisans rather than simple machines that are supposed to work in some pre-programmed way.  

So it could be that the owner thinks that making everything efficient will reduce morale and thus reduce productivity.

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