Do you agree with the result in the case of Haimes v. Temple University Hospital?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this case, I do not agree with the initial outcome of the jury trial.  Instead, I agree with the result of the appeal in which the $600,000 award to Ms. Haimes was overturned.

Judith Haimes was a self-proclaimed psychic who went in for a CT scan at Temple.  As a part of the preparation for the CT scan, dye was injected into her bloodstream.  She had an adverse reaction to the introduction of the dye and the procedure was abandoned.  She experienced welts, hives, nausea, and trouble breathing.  After recovering, Haimes eventually went home.  She says that she continued to experience symptoms including chronic headaches.  She claimed that she was unable to work as a psychic due to these symptoms.  The jury awarded her $600,000 in damages.  This was in the 1970s when that sum of money was worth a great deal more than it is now.  The jury’s award was later overturned on appeal.

I agree with the verdict in the appeal because it does not appear that there was sufficient evidence to link the CT procedure with the harm that Haimes suffered.  In the trial, there was essentially no expert evidence produced to show that the headaches were caused by the procedure.  In addition, Haimes did not seek medical help during the time that she claimed to have been suffering these symptoms.  In my mind, this calls into doubt the severity of the symptoms that she was suffering.  In short, I agree with the overturning of the verdict because it is unclear if Haimes truly suffered as much as she claimed and because there is no evidence to show that the symptoms she claimed were a result of the CT procedure.