In Silent Spring Carson invokes the term "ecology" to describe "the web of life or death"; what role does this concept play in her analysis?

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If readers view ecology or an ecosystem as a "web," they will clearly see Carson's argument that all life (human, plant, and other creatures) is interconnected like a spider's web, and that if one strand of the web is "infected" with pesticides or other harmful chemicals, eventually all life in the "web" will be infected or affected; for you cannot weaken one part of a web without the rest of the web being weakened.  This concept does help validate Carson's theory because even if a reader is not concerned about the deaths of beetles or other seemingly innocuous creatures or plant life, that reader might take note when he starts to think of how his food or water supply might be tainted because of the interconnection of all life (according to Carson).

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