caribbean nationals hould be able to work freely in caricom countieshey help to show my essay

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I would agree with one of the above posts that if the jobs are available and the citizens are not filling them then people from the neighboring islands should be able to take those jobs. The citizens that did not want the jobs have no right to complain of they did not want the job to begin with.

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If the "natural citizens" of the island want the jobs, theoretically they should be working in them which would me immigrants from other islands wouldn’t find those jobs available. Why are the jobs not filled by residents of the island, or why are employers not required to hire residents of the island?

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Anyone who has spent much time in the Caribbean know that each island is inhabited by a large number of natives from other nearby island nations. Many relocate specifically for better job availability and a higher quality of life. There might naturally be dissent from the legal citizenry of the island concerning the allowance of immigrant labor (just as there is in the United States and elsewhere), but as the previous post pointed out, if plenty of jobs are available throughout the Caribbean, this idea would work well for everyone.

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Economists say that this would be good for everyone.  That is because it would allow a free flow of labor.  Workers could move to places that have jobs available.  That would mean that there would not be any labor shortages anywhere.

But this depends on the countries being able to create enough total jobs for everyone...

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Anyone should be able to work where they want and to provide income for their family. Moving from one country to another might be difficult due to the regime that is in power that places limits on the mobility of its citizens. They should be able to move anywhere they want to.