Is the carbon fiber bow really unbreakable?

giorgiana1976 | Student

Maybe these few things about carbon fibers will help you to have a real prospect about their possibilities.

1)Carbon fiber was invented in the '70s, in an attempt to create alternative raw materials. It is made of fibers derived from petroleum processing and contains 85% carbon. Carbon fiber is made of woven carbon filaments. When carbon fiber was invented, one filament of  carbon  had a diameter between 7-8 micrometers. Now, modern carbon fiber diameter has about five micrometers.

2)Unlike metals, carbon fiber cannot be thermally decomposed in open air. Carbon fiber can be decomposed by thermal methods only in an environment devoided of oxygen.

3)Carbon fiber has a life similar to that of aluminum and, if recycling,it has not an endurance limit . More specifically, carbon fiber can be recycled many times.

4)Carbon fiber can be recycled by chopping, but this process shortens the fibers within the material and also reduces lifespan and resistance parts.

5)Although in some ways is similar to asbestos, carbon fiber in the state present on market is not harmful to human health. Even carbon fiber powder inhaled in small quantities does not cause disease. In contrast, exposure to carbon filaments without proper protection can cause lung deficiencies.

krishna-agrawala | Student

We need to be clear about two things. First, nothing in this world is unbreakable. We have only things that are very strong or do not break easily. When some manufacturers describe their products as unbreakable, perhaps it only means that the product will not break under conditions of use. Second, objects described as made of carbon fiber are usually made of composite material in which carbon fibre are bonded together in another material. It is somewhat like fibreglass objects that are made of fibres of glass bonded together by some other material like some kind of resin or polymer.

Once we are clear about these two points, we can say that objects made of carbon fiber are very strong particularly they have a very high strength to weight ratio. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using carbon fiber bow for musical instrument is their low weight rather than unbreakability.

theestudent | Student

Why thank you, everyone! So, now I know that it's not very easy to break, but very hard to. And after learning a bit of history o.o I was just asking because my friend broke her bow :P

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