A car rents for $25 per day, plus $0.20 per mile.  What mileages, x, will allow the total budget to stay under $75 for a two-day car rental?  Give your answer as an inequality. 

Expert Answers
flbyrne eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The rental without mileage for two days is equal to

`(25$/(day))(2 days)=$50`

The total cost of the rental including mileage is:


Needs to be under $75. Expressed as an inequality:


Subtract 50 to each side.


Divide both sides by 0.20.



Any mileage below 125 miles will allow the budget to stay under $75. The inequality is x<125.

tonys538 | Student

The car rents for $25 per day, plus $0.20 per mile.  The total budget for a two day car rental is $75. Of this $25*2 = $50 is given as a fixed fee. This leaves $75 - $50 = $25.

As for each mile the car is driven $0.2 has to be paid, the number of miles the person renting the car can drive it for is less than or equal to 25/0.2 = 125 miles.