In "The Canterville Ghost" by Oscar Wilde, where had the ghost taken the bottle of oil?

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In Chapter Two of "The Canterville Ghost," Mr Otis is disturbed by the sound of the ghost rattling his chains in the early hours of the morning. In response, Mr Otis offers the ghost some oil called Tammany Rising Sun Lubricator. He leaves it by "the bedroom candles" and offers to bring the ghost more oil, should he require it. When Mr Otis returns to his room, the ghost picks up the oil but then throws it "violently" to the floor and flees the corridor.

By Chapter Four, however, the ghost has a fresh bottle of oil. According to the narrator, the ghost retrieved this new bottle of oil from Mr Otis's bedroom while the family is downstairs having dinner. This time, he takes Mr Otis's advice and the ghost oils his chains so that he can walk around the house without being detected.

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