How do I find information about a specific book on this website?    

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Look at the top right hand corner of your screen immediately after you log on. You will see a white data entry area surrounded by a dark grey line. Directly to the right of the data entry area is a red rectangle containing the word "search".

Left click the white data entry area, and then type in the title of the book. Then left click the rectangular red area containing the word "search".

A list of eNotes entries containing your search term will appear in the center of your screen in blue type. You can use your mouse wheel to scroll through these entires. Left click on the desired entry to navigate to that information.

Note that you do need to spell the search terms correctly, and that some titles appear to be case sensitive.

For additional information about how to use eNotes, use your mouse wheel to scroll down to the bottom of your screen and then left click the "help" button in the lower right area of the screen.