I cannot find any information on Louise Erdrich poetry, such as "I Was Sleeping Where the Balck Oaks Move"- any help would be appreciated.

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Louise Erdrich, was born in 1954 at Little Falls, Minnesota, and raised in North Dakota where her parents worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs at the Wahpeton Indian School.  She is known both as a writer of fiction and poetry, and is considered perhaps the finest of Native American authors.  Both her first collection of poetry, Jacklight, and her first novel, Love Medicine, were published in 1984.  In Contemporary Women Poets, edited by Pamela L. Shelton, the poems of her first collection are referred to as falling into five overlapping themes;

poems of Indian heritage in conflict with the dominant white culture; poems of sisterhood and family; love poems; poems peopled with the shadows of figures from her past; and mythic poems, which draw upon Native American myths and the habit of mythmaking.

Her second collection of poetry, Baptism of Desire, was published in 1989.  She has also written nonfiction and children's books, as well as novels with her husband, anthropologist Michael Dorris.  She is best known for her series of novels about three interrelated families in a fictional town on or near an Indian reservation in Argus, N.D. (a fictional town).

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