The Canadian government did all it could for the people during the Great Depression. What did the government do to help the people? My teacher gave me the statement "The Canadian government did all it could for the people during the Great Depression." I have to provide alot of information to support it. So what are some examples that the Canadian Government did to help the people in 1930s?

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Although the government initially refused to provide large scale aid to the people, they eventually gave in.  The government started a "New Deal" type of relief effort in 1935.  Their program called for a minimum wage, unemployment insurance, and other programs.  They began the Industrial Standards Act, which combated sweat-shop type employment in favor of organized capitol and labor.  The National Housing Act was implemented.  This promoted the construction of new homes and the rehabilitation of older homes.  "It took the outbreak of World War II to pull Canada out of the depression."  The increased need for materials and soilders provided a boost for the economy.

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