A Canadian citizen should be able to carry a licensed, concealed handgun if he or she wishes; write an argumentative essay with reputable sources on this matter.

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There are two sides of the question. One can argue for or against permitting Canadians to carry licensed concealed handguns. Much of the evidence concerning this can be found in comparing and contrasting rates of gun violence and effects of concealed carry laws in the United States and then comparing the number of gun deaths in places which permit such conceal carrying to the current number of gun deaths in Canada.

Within the United States, the impact of concealed carry laws on gun homicides is difficult to measure, with the results of studies being somewhat ambiguous. That being said, the United States has a substantial higher rate of per capita gun homicides than Canada, something directly attributed to the higher rates of gun ownership and easy gun availability.

To write a paper arguing for or against concealed carry laws in Canada, one would first need to specify the type of firearm. Such laws would obviously not apply to unrestricted firearms, such as rifles and shotguns, as they are simply too large to be concealed. Prohibited firearms with barrels shorter than 105 millimeters or automatic fire are illegal, and thus would not be an option for concealed carry.

For restricted firearms, it would be difficult to make an argument for why people other than law enforcement officials should be permitted to carry them except in exceptional circumstances. One might argue that domestic abuse victims who have restraining orders against violent partners or those who work in dangerous circumstances (such as journalists covering gangs) might be able to apply for permits which would be granted after extensive review, but any argument in favor of concealed carry should also balance out the need of a very limited number of people for self-defense against the negative impact of proliferation of firearms, especially in public spaces.

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