Was Canada a truly independent nation by 1931, or was it working towards it? Use examples to support your claims.Include at least 3 Supporting arguments

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enotechris eNotes educator| Certified Educator

By the end of 1931, Canada was mostly autonomous, but not truly independent from Great Britain. On December 11, 1931, The Statute of Westminster,, approved by the British Parliament, granted legislative authority to Canada and other former dominions of the British Empire by allowing self-government; no longer would London's Parliament be supreme. The "Commonwealth" nations, a term coined during World War I, were created out of the old British Empire, which was effectively destroyed during the course of the War.  Each new Commonwealth Nation represented itself during the Treaty of Versailles, reflecting a bit of autonomy from Great Britain, but Britain still politically controlled the Commonwealth Nations.  During the 1920's Canadian and British relations were strained over how Canada dealt with its own foreign interactions; The Statute of Westminster resolved much of these difficulties, yet Britain retained overall responsibility for the defense of the Commonwealth Nations and much of its foreign policy until after World War II.